Season Finale of my College Life

I am in my last semester of journalism course.. and like every final, this finale is also a mess …

I have not read any book this month, nor I see myself doing that even for the next month. 

So April and May may go without book.. NO..

But not without reading

What I am reading 

  • Art journalism.. seminar paper and assignment and a whole subject.

and my mind is like..

because they all are the same thing.. but I have to write them differently..

  • Research Paper on a Film Adaptation

This I like, but the problem is there is lots of work and much less time..

  • Advertisement Writing

for TV, Print, and Radio too..  Anyone want to read ???? I did it already.

  • Film Reviews

Any 5, in 2000 words each.. How the hell I will write 2000 words on a movie. I am not a cinema fan. 

  • Have to study for my Entrance Examination of Masters Course..

I hope I will get admission in any course.. I want to learn more.. 


from 4 of Next month..

and it will start.. the massacre.. the red wedding.. the hunger games

I need Dumbledore.

or maybe not…

because I am ready..

But I am not reading any books for April and May.. 

SO there might not be any post.. so do not think I died.. 

But I watched the

“Thirteen Reason Why” Series.

and if any of you are suffering after watching it.. I can help.

I am a student of Abnormal Psychology. I know some tricks that might help you..

  1. Watch Hannah’s Suicide Scene again and again.

It is called exposure therapy.. by watching it multiple times you will get bored or you will start finding it funny in some way..

     2. Watch the pics of the actress who played the Hannah in series.. Your brain will realize that the girl is alive and the one died was fictional and not real.. and the pain will reduce.    

     3. Recommend it to other person and make their life hell. By doing it, you will find relief in the most unexpected places.. that is evil, by pushing someone into sadness, you will find happiness..

If they do not work and you want more tricks.. ask me


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