February Reads

(No proof-read, might be mistakes and wrong links. I am tired…. WHy ?????????)

As I guessed it, college starts and I am not getting enough time to read.

I do not really now what exactly happening, but I am not doing any productive work for, hmmm, like 2 weeks.

I am thinking of doing many things, but I am lying here lazily and just thinking about nothing.

Most of the time, I am like

Maybe I am waiting for something, but what,,

I read only five books this month.. Only five…

The Mystery Knight: A Graphic Novel

I finished it. The last of Dunk and Egg tale. Sir Duncan the Tall has succeeded in earning my respect. Egg have my sympathy. I kind of feeling sad for both of them as I know that they both will die in Summerhall fire while Egg will try to hatch his egg.

The White Tiger

What a great great book. The best book of all five I read this month.

I have written a whole post analysing the first chapter of this book.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga | Art of the First Chapter

The Secret of Tomorrow

The non-edited book I read. Have not much to say about it.

Read my review: The Secret of Tomorrow

When Shadows Turn Dark: Karma Follows Beyond Death

Same as above.

Rad my review: When Shadows Turn Dark

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Poirot)

I do not believe anyone after reading this book. What the hell !! You cannot even trust your narrator.

This is cheating. You played me, Agatha…

I do not even type. I am using if to convey my message.

I am deep into laziness… Someone save me.

My Currently Reading Book List

I wish I will finish them this month.

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire)

I know I am not going to finish it in a month. This one requires time.

Hope to Die: Alex Cross 22

If I did not finish it this month, it will go into DNF section. It is plain boring with a whining detective.

It is like a block to other books.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Does not matter. It is the third time I am reading it.Finish or not I will read it slowly slowly, devouring every single syllable.

A Perfect Murder: and Other Stories

Who sent me it ? It is a review copy but by who ?

I need sleep. I wake up 4 hours ago from a nap. I need one again.


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