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I admit, when I was reading the book I forgot that it is a novel written by Jenny Hubbard. I was reading it as it is, like a diary written by Alex.

The story is of three friends, Thomas dies at the river when he jumps from the cliff. Glenn and Alex, they want to save their neck, start saying lies. In between lies, lies a terrific story to read.

Is the death of Thomas was the accident or was the result of the ill judgement ?

Or the planned incident to cover up secrets ?

This is questionable up to the end of the book. Even after you put down the book.

But they are not the only ones at the river that day. Their English teacher, the only young female teacher at boy’s school’s campus, was also there. Glenn and Alex doubt that she know more than she is revealing.
Glenn makes Plan that he will create awkwardness and difficult situations for her while Alex will go closer to her. There will be a chance that might be Ms Dovecott will tell Alex something about that day.

Book of this type : Made of Stars

So, the story is great, so is the voice of Alex. It moves from past to present to past to present and so on.. without making it all confusing and irritating. Good thing is, because of it, we get to know Thomas more precisely.

What I carry in my backpack down to the river, I carry not knowing that in less than an hour Thomas Broughton will be dead. That is not a knowledge I carry yet, but I will carry it soon – the knowledge of my darkest self – and I will carry it forever.

Hubbard understands boys hostel’s rules and way of working. Boys crushes on a teacher, their showing offs of their life at home. Lying, abusing, rumours.

There are many poems written by Thomas, which I do not understand because I do not understand poetry, not a single word. That made me angry as poems have a lot to do with the story. I think there were many subjects hidden in them, which directly bounces over my head. A drawback . Moby-Dick references too. Writing style is poetic and I loved the conversations. They are accurate.

“You are on my side,” she says.
“What side is that?” I ask.
“The winning side,” she says, and smiles. “The team of the artists.”
“Who are we playing?”
“The barbarians,” she says. “We are always playing them.”

What entertains most is the character of Ms Dovecott. Despite the story, she was a good teacher. You do not find this quality of teachers IRL.
And this is where story made me the give the book extra star.
Many people did not like the ending of the book but, I liked it.
Ms Dovecott was very nice, supportive and good natured from the starting. What she did in the end, was somewhat according to her personality. She was like that.

Until it has scared you with its endlessness, sky is just sky.

Alex, I think, in the end, he found out the truth of what actually happened at the river.

The Question, however, is if he believes it or not ?

The question is if the reader believes it or not.


Blurb : Sixteen-year-old Alex has just begun his junior year at a boys’ boarding school when he fails to save a friend from drowning in a river on campus. Afraid to reveal the whole truth, Alex and Glenn, who was also involved, decide to lie. But the boys weren’t the only ones at the river that day . . . and they soon learn that every decision has a consequence.

GR | Author GRAuthor Site

This review on GR  | My reviews on GR



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