Uff Ye Emotions 2

The first question I asks myself after finishing the book.

Is love is only emotion for Indian writers?  What about hatred, lust, anger or depression.

There are eleven stories in the book and each one of them talks about love in some way. Okay, if you love LOVE so much, then, of course, there is another type of love in the universe about which you can write.

What is it with male-female type love that every Indian author seems to like so much.
The only reasonable answer I can think is that love is an overrated emotion in India. Indian culture does not allow boy and girl to fall in love, that’s why we people of India like to fall blindly into it. By doing exactly the opposite of what our elders are saying, we think we are getting modern and revolutionary. It is our human’s instincts that make us feel proud when we do something that is against the mass.

Hail Sherlock !

I was telling that eleven stories are talking love in the most idiotic way. The love of forever. The love at first sights. The love of innocence. The love of matures. The love of waiting. The love of sacrifice. The love of desperation. The love of idiots. Basically THE LOVE OF A MALE AND FEMALE.

There is a whole other dimension of love if you want to imagine. Like, Male-Male, Female-Female, Age difference love, victim-assailant love, animal-man love.

A short funny debut book : Amber in the World of Shades

About the writing, I can only say that it is less than mediocre. And the quality of writing is directly proportional to the number of pages remaining in the book. The language was easy. Some writers try to use Thesaurus, but they get along after some paragraphs.

First few stories were good, but the quality reduces instantaneously. But this is okay. I was happy when reading the authors’ intros. They were simply students, bloggers and nothing professionals. They have a hobby of writing and this book is giving them a great platform.

I must recommend that the editor must increase his bar of quality to accept stories. Please bring some diversity in stories. At least in story building.

Lastly, it is nice to read on road.

My Review on GR


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