Two Graves

I read the book in my class. The teacher was telling us the “Effect of Media on Rural Life of India”. Boring? Naah !! I was not in mood.

I was playing  this racing game on my phone.

Race Illegal: High Speed 3D

But this game was eating my battery in the morning.
Then, I started reading this book. I liked it then because this book had me in it for the whole ninety minute’s lecture.
It is a dark thriller and does not give any decent answers even up to the last pages. Short novella, only 70 pages, so it is.

Get it free for Kindle from Amazon | Goodreads | Author | My Review on GR

Book started with some party going on. And protagonist was there with some different motive. It was clear from the start that she is going to kill someone, but Why and Who, and How ?? Answers were in in the “seven years ago” chapters. Not all, but still. This is a novella, not a whole fucking story.
I do not know how many people has read this in the blurb. There will be answers in the book.

(TWO GRAVES is a short novella, about 70 pages. It is volume #1 in Zoe Kalo’s psychological suspense “Retribution” series.)

My problem is not the story. It was good, fast paced, and do not skip anything of importance. Just tell enough to avoid absurdity, and create interest. I really want to know, what really happened in the end. But the answer is not there I think so, might be in the first book of the series.

I was talking about the story, a girl of age 24. Mother when she was 13. Having relationship issues when she was 14. Want to take revenge. What revenge ? Did they abduct Max or they killed him?

There is so much use of layer language, the reality and comparisons seem to blur into each other. Not effectively used, and affect the story. They break motion and establish that the speaker is some sort of intellectual person, but in reality, she was a revenge seeking girl with no plan.
Why the hell there was that long chase, what exactly the plan. To chase him and kill him. In a club, where everyone was wearing masks. In chasing, she meets a philosopher-musician, a Pope, a bitch-girl, and witnessed a suicide and divorce.
Have some more question related to Angelica. But let ignore them.

Finishing here, I would say, I enjoyed the ride. The mystery has not solved completely, but as I said it is only a novella. Wait for the next part.

Get it free for Kindle from Amazon

Goodreads | Author

My Review on GR.


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