Everyone Has A Story

2 Stars because it made me LAUGH.

Everyone Has a Story was intended to make me cry and feel love. But failed miserably. It is sponsored and sells at the name of inspirational love, and really fulfill this promise. It is the only thing present in the book. Inspirational quotes and thoughts, and love which will give you a headache. Sit with some Dispirin in your possession.

This story is of Meera who is searching a boyfriend, no, a story. She found one in a cafe she spent a lot of time. He is mysterious because he wears the black suit and look good and ignore her. She wants to know more about him to write a story. She meets him and as usually our charming hero Vivaan show attitude and walk away. But he also falls in love with her at first sight like her. So they meet. Vivaan tells his story. Which is nothing ?

Vivaan : My mother died, my father raised me.
Meera (started crying) : Your life is so tough. Your story is sad.
Vivaan: No, you should listen to Kabir’s story. ( Kabir is manager at cafe ).
Kabir : My father died and I work to support my family, I quit my college. I love Nisha who is rich.
Meera : Your story is sad too. *Started crying*
Let me tell you Meera, death of a family member is a great card to play in your story, but you need to use it in the right way. Your character’s way of telling their stories is so hollow that I was laughing, instead of being sad.

There is no story first of all. It is just some bottom level philosophy, bathroom-thoughts, puts into a boring and old frame of drama and Bollywood’s film’s stories.

A boy. A girl. Their Friend’s rich and poor love story. Boy is broken because of his lost love. Girl is bubbly. Boy, leave. Girl got depression. Boy, realise his love. He came back. Girl’s get angry because he leaves without any goodbye. He tells his dramatic past. Girl runs away. Get into an accident. Go to comma. Boy confessed his love. Girl opens her eyes. Did I miss anything? NO. Whole story.

The plot itself is suffocating. A writer wants to write a story and what she writes is actually is story of her writing struggle. I mean, what she write is her story, that she want to find story. Still, she was not able to finish it until Vivaan do it for her. She does not write something new, she writes her life commentary. Like, now I am sitting in the cafe, I want a story, now, I think I have one, No, now, I have a boyfriend now, oh No! He left, what should I do now, Nothing to write, He came back, he will finish the story…  Matlab Kuch bhi

Some points bugging me :

Meera knew she had a story and it would be the most touching story she had ever heard or written. Well, NOPE. How can she know she had a very touching story without even know anything about the story. Just because Vivaan is attractive.

Meera approached Vivaan. I wanted to go Pune if this happens there. I mean girls approaching boys. At their first meeting, Meera wanted to know his story. I do not know if she was going to write a biography.

I think Meera is more mysterious than Vivaan. At least Vivan talks to his aunt on the phone. While Meera got no one. Even after the accident, no one arrived to see her. That makes me sad. She was on the hospital bed and no one decides to call his parents. In India, a sneeze of a kid is enough to cause havoc in parent’s lives. But Meera’s parents. There is no mention of her parents in the book. Do they exist ?

Vivaan message her. She even did not ask how he gets her number. Just assume it is given by Kabir. Not confirm it with Kabir either. Might be Vivaan is a stalker. But he is attractive, and she needed a boyfriend story.
Vivaan tells her he have no mother. She wanted to hug him. Exactly, a stranger tells you he has no mother and you will hug him Meera. How kind of you !!!
Then Vivaan takes her hand into his and Meera is like “a friendly gesture”. How stupid of you Meera. BTW this girl is an  HR of an MNC.

Kabir tells his sad story which is so funny.
At one point Kabir says.
Kabir : It made me quite sad that such a pretty girl was crying instead of smiling.
So pretty girl cannot be sad or if an ugly girl does cry it will not make Kabir sad.

The way Meera talks about people who got anxiety. The most frustrating event of the book. Meera is aspiring writer; I take liberty to deduce that she is a reader. Okay leave it, but we know she is an HR in an MNC, she must must MUST know how freaking ANXIETY works. But this happen-
Meera : Imagine how miserable those people truly are on the inside. They must have ulcers from all the stress. Life is too short to worry about everything.
Why Savi Sharma , You must do research on Anxiety and Panic.

I do not know if you can resign like that from the post of Asst. Branch Manager of a Citi Bank. Vivaan does it in two days.

Long Dialogues. I mean two or three pages long dialogues which are very much like the copy paste of some motivational blog’s posts. Or Love blogs.

Vivaan travels the whole world in just three months. Not only travel but he explores those countries. As he says, “I do not want to visit them, I want to explore them, want to know about shopkeepers, their people and —” some three pages long dialogues. Get idea.

Vivaan : If travelling was free, they would never see me again.
Hahahahahahah… Nice WhatsApp status. Also, Vivaan gives 20 lacs to Kabir so he can open his Cafe. He is worried about money now. Crap.

What happened in foreign countries!!
American: Hello
Vivan : I quit my job for travelling
Spanish: Hello
Vivaan : I quit my job for travelling.
Chinese: Hello
Vivaan : I quit my job for travelling.
WTF … we know bro calm down.

There are more.
Nisha is more beautiful than words can describe but she has an angelic face. According to Kabir.
Meera has an angelic face. According to Vivaan.
Vivaan has an angelic face. According to Meera.
So 3 out of 4 characters have the angelic face.

It is not a book anyway. It is a collection of all posts from Savi’s blog.
I recommend you not to read it. It is bad. No story.
No characters. Every character is same and is Savi herself. She had written herself in form of four characters.

Characters are so weak it hurts to brain. The traveller does not seem to enjoy his travelling. Why ? No reason. Why was he not travelling before? No reason. A writer who has a story now but she does not write.
Book is just written for the sake of satisfaction that Savi can write a book.

Why so publicity then, I do not know. It is not some very exceptional story, just a plain love story you can see in any Hindi movie. With long-long dialogues which are very irritating.

Normal people talk normally but in the book, everyone is  fucking Socrates. They all were the philosopher. They do not talk in words or sentences; they talk in paragraphs and pages.
I like the Poem, tbh.

The trick you tried to play with prologue, It is not creative. Yes really, it is old and presents your inability of penning down something smart.

Buy it here at minimum prices, and see yourself if I am lying.

But please, guys, do not buy it, Go for I of the Storm:Discover your True Self  or something similar, but if you need Whatsapp status and Facebook captions, then JUDGING YOU.


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5 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story

  1. Bro, as I already read your review in goodreads and made my comments there, your review is really funny and humoristic, I really like your sense of humour, I often read your review repitatively just to laugh aloud, I’m following your blog from past one month, and I look forward to read your blog or every book review to make my selection the best, thank you!


  2. What is the point of criticism ? If you know much, then why don’t you grab a pen and a pile of paper and start writing a book. I guess it’d be the world’s best book.


    • Ria P.
      Thank you for asking.

      Writing reviews of books is my favorite time pass.
      Writing a book needs mature writing skills, deep knowledge of characters and research of the subject.
      According to my criteria, I am not ready to write a book.
      Criticism is involuntary action as I cannot overlook the shallowness of the book.

      Hope it helps.


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