Who Care ?

       مرنے کی دعائیں کیوں مانگوں جینے کی تمنا کون کرے 

       یہ    دنیا    ہو  یا  وہ   دنیا   اب   خواہش    دنیا    کرے

Marne Ki DuaAae Kyu Maangu

Jeene Ki Tamanna Kon Kare

Yeh Dunya Ho Ya Wo Dunya

Ab KhuwaHishe Dunya Kon Kare.

मरने की दुआएं क्यों मांगू, जीने की तमन्ना कौन करे

यह दुनिया हो या वो दुनिया,अब  ख्वाहिशे दुनिया कौन करे|

Nor I pray for the death;

Wish to live, Neither,

This World Or That World

I do not care.


This is some lines from the ghazal of Moin Ahsan Jazbi.

In it, the Shaayar (Urdu Poet) is saying that he do not pray for his death. Nor he has any wish to live further.

It can be deduced that he does not have any more expectation from his life. He has seen enough and not wanted to watch more. Not a single wish has left that he want to satisfy before his death. On the other hand, he is not praying for death even, he has stopped caring and wishing about the worlds he could go or stay.

After death, there might be Hell, or Heaven, or just forever falling, or he could just live forever, but due to lack of his interest in any of the thing, the value of worlds has reduced to a dust particle.

We can see that he is asking for the reason, to ask why he should pray for life, and then he said carelessly that who has a wish for death. If one go deep, we find that it is what it feel like in depression, you do not wish for this type of life, and then you do not put effort to end it, you lay there on the bed or drag yourself around the worlds without caring, and showing the apathy that has created in you because of it.

Apathy is worst than direct hate. It is ugly. That is what depression build in your mind, you start hating at starting and then you start not caring about anyone around you.

…the opposite of love is not hate — it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn. If somebody hates me, they must “feel” something … or they couldn’t possibly hate. Therefore, there’s some way in which I can get to them. — Leo Buscaglia

There can be more than one interpretation of Urdu Shaayri, and it can be different from one other very tremendously. It is just one.

Full Ghazal.


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