Surrender and Midwinterblood

Both the books are on my odd-books list.

Not only the story is odd, but also the way writer tells it is peculiar.

Read Full review here of each book. Below are not full reviews because it cannot be possible to do it without telling things what you must know by reading the books.

Review on Goodreads : Surrender | Midwinterblood


Do you believe in many lifetime love ? Or multiple life ?

After reading the Midwinterblood you possibly will think about it. Midwinterblood is a collection of seven stories, each story of different time.

Maybe he knows nothing. Maybe it’s that he feels it all, but whatever is happening to him, he understands that he lived before. He lived other lives, in different times.

He has never been here, yet he feels he has met Merle before, and then, there is that other feeling, that somehow disturbs him even more.

Why, he thinks, do I have the feeling that I have come home?

First story is of the time 2073 and the last one is of before the 10th century. Unknown Time. In every story, Merle and Enrick bump into each other. Every time they get separated.

“I just can’t reach him. Not how a mother should. He goes away from me, as if he’s on a journey somewhere, somewhere I can’t follow. Seeing things I can’t see. I can’t explain.”

She breaks off, then tries once more.

“It’s like loving someone from another world.”

It all happens on an Island around full-moon time. Call it flower moon, harvester moon, hunter moon…

It will not spoil your story that much if I tell you that the King Enrickr promises her Queen Merle, that he will come back for her in next life. Queen promise back that she will follow her in each life. In the next seven lives, they meet but never recognise each other as King and Queen. That’s why they always split. Until the seventh life, where they identify each other, and ready to accept what that promise is bringing to them.

One night, as they parted, Erik whispered something precious to Merle.

“Say that you will never leave me,” he said, holding her hands.

“I shall never leave you,” said Merle.

“Is it so easy to say?” Erik asked, surprised.

“It is, since it is you I speak of,” Merle answered.

“I will never leave you. No matter what happens, or where you go, or what you do. I will never leave you.”

“But it might not be so easy,” Erik said. “Our love is forbidden. It might become impossible for us to be together.”

Merle shook her head. “I will find a way,” she said. “I will always find a way.”

Seven short stories making up a book, and assembling themselves to show a big picture. Here writing does magic. To write for different times, Markus uses a tone that does not divert the focus of reader to anything else. You are just reading it for Merle and Enrick, because they captivate you. In the background, you are also enjoying the writing which is so glorious and amazing.

Yes, thinks Eric Seven. Our journeys began, lifetimes ago.

I have lived this before, but I will not live it again.

He knows that this is his last life. Somehow, as he lies on the stone table, the moment before the violence of the knife-fall, he knows it all.

There is nothing now but the two of them, and their love, which has waited for centuries to be made again, and as their blood flows, first from Merle, and then from Eric, as their blood mingles on the table and in the soil of Blessed Island, they are no longer in love, they have become love itself.

And their journey begins.

On the other side is a book which is written on the curve of poetry. I read the Surrender just because of the writing, and plot which was so weird. After finishing, I reread some passages just to soak the horrible beauty of them. Tough to connect with characters but it is totally worth to read.

A small town has as many eyes as a fly.

I looked along the aisle and saw her, and it was as if I saw her for the first time. Everything changed. The ancient featureless interior of me spangled orange, mint, cat-blue. I looked back to the window immediately, my face damp, my breath caught. And worried I would never have the courage to look at her again

The book starts with a boy who is dying.In last moments of his life, he remembers his childhood and the decisions and relations that led him to here.

I am dying: it’s a beautiful word. Like the long slow sigh of the cello: dying. But the sound of it is the only beautiful thing about it.

Anwell and Finnigan. I do not want to ruin this book, so I am not going to write much. This is a story of two kids. Friendless Anwell accepts Finnigan’s pact of friendship, which means that all the wrongdoing will be done by Finnigan and Anwell will be his opposite good side. Every time something bad happen to Anwell, awful incidents happen in town. Book is full of fire.

Yeah, reflections! The same, but different. Like twins – like blood brothers! And when you need something bad done, like punishment or revenge, you’ll just ask me, and I will do it –

You lit the fires as much as I did. You told me, go out and burn. Besides, we’re reflections, blood brothers, remember? What I do, you do.”

The cold wind had brought water to my eyes; I smeared them dry on my sleeve. I could smell, on the breeze, the earthen scent of him. “You remember that, don’t you, Anwell?”

Something dangerous wafted from him—something not to be denied. “Yes, I remember.”


After some time, Anwell realises that Finnigan is controlling him. This realisation happens because of Evangeline. Girl, Anwell love, and Finnigan do not like. Troubles start in friendship and Anwell has to make many hard decisions.

You always underestimated me. You thought you made me harmless when you gave angelhood to me. You forgot that some angels are warriors. Where there’s warriors, there’s war. I will fight to the death. It’s my duty. I am not afraid.

I’d never known such terror, my heart never beat so hard. And when I saw it was my mother, not you—it was a relief. I was more afraid of you than of her. And I hadn’t thought it was possible, Finnigan, to fear someone more than I feared her. It was, though—it was you. After that I started to wonder what good you are, if any.

This is a story of a lonely person desperate to fit. In doing so, he loses the little he has, and realise that he is still alone and dying.

There’s fire in my fingers. I burn everything I touch.

Both books show how a person loses what he has and give all of him and still do not win.

But is he really loses ?

There are more stories in the books than this, but I cannot tell it without spoiling everything.

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