Should Wizard Hit Mommy ?

Should we change ourselves to become better or our true identity is our best self ?

I read the story in school and I was amazed by it.

In 2 pages, writer has said more than any 2000 pages books could say.

Story is simple. A father, every night tell story to her daughter. Story of Roger ( animal changed in every story, rabbit or squirrel etc) who have some problem and because of it no one is his friend. He go to wizard who change him for good. Roger make friends and when he reached home, Mom get angry and say that we should not change ourselves for other people. She go to wizard and hit him with stick. Wizard change Roger into original state.

One day Jo (daughter) object and say that it should be other way around. Wizard must hit mommy as wizard did the right thing by giving Roger the quality to make friends.

But dad do not allow it and say that it is his story and mommy is right and nothing gonna change. Jo argue that what is wrong in changing your behavior if it make you likeable. Dad say that next time he will see but he do not make promise to change the story plotline.

Basically this is story.

A man standing on the door, at one side is the morals and values he inherited from his parents and on the other side is ideas and innovations of his daughter and young generation.

It create a dilemma; what should be done. Should we change ourselves just to make friends and to be accepted by everyone OR should we stick to our true nature and be what we truly are.

Is our true self is not enough to make people like us ? Or we have to wear a mask to make the people see that we are like them ? If everyone is wearing a same mask, then who made the rumour that it is necessary to wear a mask ? Why can’t we be what we truly are 

What is wrong in improving yourself to become likeable ? If your life has given you some bad, it does not mean you should stick to it ? It is our life and we can change it whenever we want ?

The story is so simple that it create lots of question and one is :

Should Wizard hit mommy ?



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