The Last Leaf

One of the best I read in school. 

The last Leaf by Henry .

When your brain is your enemy, How do you survive ???

It is not, well, technically a review but a description of what I see in the story.

Two Girls. Friends, One suffers from pneumonia. She is sure that when all leaves of vine hanging on the window would fall, she will die. She was holding on leaves. There was a painter, always angry. Waiting to painting a masterpiece of his life. A friend who genuinely wanted to help. But story is much more than that.

It is about having bad time and suffering it and then surviving it and then overcoming it. A nicely written story.

It is not only about a pneumonia but the whole story is a metaphor. For the situation when we go down and everything turns out blue and we see no way out and then a help come from unexpected window and bright your life with yellow light.

We should not lose hope at any moment. Bad time come and may be at that time it will look impossible to stand, but we always have something to hold on. That something can be anything which gives you a hand at that time.

That story girl holds on to a leaf….. and some people holds on to books, or movies, or internet, or scars, or knives, but even then, even when they are pushing everyone away, they need friends. Or a person who is ready to listen. To manage in bad time, they need a companion.

To overcome, they need more, a painter who can paint their life with more colors.

Not only we need a painter, but life also give us a situation where we could become a painter in another person’s life. We should take that chance as you don’t have any idea how much you change life of people around you by doing littlest of efforts.
We could also be that friend who support at every moment and let other people realised that their life is much more worth than they are evaluating.

We could be that leaf. If someone is holding on you, do not betray. It needs courage to incline your whole self on to someone else. If someone is hiding behind you, then you do not fall at any case.

Story, in few words, talk more than it look.

Thanks for Reading.


One thought on “The Last Leaf

  1. Can you suggest me a great novel that completely transformed your life and how?

    Single book do not change or transform anyone. I think you are asking for book suggestion that are written to make reader think about his/her self. About the life and its events. I recommend you to read Harry Potter series, this series already transfor…


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